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LEAMINGTON - Calendar of Events

Leamington is a great sail
so here is a list of their
calendar of events:

May 30 to....Come Catch The Big One!

June 14th....Prizes on all 3 weekends.

June 27......Good Time Rock and Roll!

July 4th.....Celebrations! Fireworks and
             Art in the Marina.

July 11th....Mexican Fiesta Time
             at the Harbour

July 18th....Taste of Leamington

July 25th....Halloween (Great for kids!)

August 1st...Circus - "Under the Big Top"

August 8th...An afternoon of Blue Grass

August 16th..Leamington's Annual Tomato Festival

To make reservations, call (519) 326-0834
See Leamingtons Home Page at:

NOTE: To the LEFT are two pictures of
      Sandusky Harbor. We will all
      be sailing soon! Send me one of your

This year I took the opportunity to sail a Skip Jack in Baltimore during the Annapolis Boat Show!