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Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

Newsletter Number IX December 1998

Editor: George Lippert WEB EDITION


LECOA Annual Meeting Ė New Bridge Elected for 1999

The LECOA Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, December 3, 1998 at Edgewater Yacht Club. Thirty members attended the meeting and many took advantage of having dinner at the club before the meeting. In addition to our guest speaker who talked about 12-volt systems and electronics, the LECOA Bridge for 1999 was elected. Before announcing the new Bridge members, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all members to thank the outgoing Bridge members for a job well done. Each was instrumental in getting the LECOA off to a great start and without their efforts, the association would not be here today. With that, a heartfelt thank you to Co-Commodore Oz Arey, Secretary Nick Valentine, and our Treasurer Peg Bergstrom. Job well done! Of course, I would be amiss if special thanks did not go out to Alan Wolf who was Co-Commodore since the association was founded and will continue as a Bridge member for the 1999 year as Commodore of the LECOA.

The LECOA Bridge for 1999 as elected by those members in attendance at the December 3rd meeting are:

Commodore Alan Wolf Secretary Rosie Daniels

Vice Commodore Bob Brandt Treasurer Ken Marshall

Many of these individuals have played key roles in the past with setting up meetings, speakers, and rendezvous, just to name a few activities. The LECOA is fortunate to have such members and 1999 should be nothing short of fantastic. Congratulations to the newly elected Bridge.

As indicated at the top of this newsletter, I continue to be the editor. I look forward to working with the Bridge to convey their leadership in the year ahead. More importantly, and I am sure that many of the members will agree, I look forward to getting off the "head table" and sitting in the back. Keeping my comments to myself is another issue, but I will work on that aspect.

I would also like to make mention that outgoing LECOA Secretary, Nick Valentine, has agreed to continue his work as the associationís web master. Nick has done an outstanding job setting up the LECOA web site. The LECOA web site can be found at


Next Meeting

Saturday, February 6th at the Flat Iron Café in the Flats. Meeting to begin at 4 p.m. with dinner to follow. Guest speakers will address sails, to include genakers, and spring commissioning, to include bottom paints and preparation. Hope to see you there!

Dues are Due

The association set dues for the 1999 year at $15.00. The newsletter ends with a copy of 42nd Annual Cleveland Mid-America Sail & PowerBoat Show handout and the 1999-membership application form. Please complete the form as indicted. Renewal for current members runs through February. The Bridge thanks you for your continuing interest and support in the LECOA. 1999 is shaping up to be the best year ever for the association, hope you are part of it.

Guest Speaker: Mike Taylor, Taylor Marine

Mike Taylor, sole proprietor of Taylor Marine, was our guest speaker. Although you may not know Mike, he is familiar with many of our boats since he does much of the electronics and refrigeration installation work for Freeman-Eckley. Mike is also an authorized dealer for Raytheon and demonstrated a radar unit after his presentation. Mikeís presentation focused on 12-volt systems.

For weekend sailors, Mike recommends adding a few extra batteries. One bank (two batteries) devoted to starting and another bank to run the electronics, refrigeration, lights, etc. First step in determining if your present system is adequate, one must determine amp hour usage. Example, Mike indicated that refrigeration units draw about 4 amps per hours, so running the refrigeration 12 hours in a day would require 48 amp hours. Of course, refrigeration is just one draw, so lights, stereo, etc. have to be factored in also. Once that is completed, then one can determine if adequate DC power is available. Sound confusing, it is to me, so Mike is available to discuss each ownerís own requirements. Mike indicated that his rate is forty-five dollars an hour, whether for installation work or consultation. (But he added that often he does not charge for consultation if he is in the area and it is not a complete analysis of the boatís requirements).

Mike strongly encouraged that a battery monitor be installed. It is a good way to determine current battery condition and can forewarn of troubles within your electrical system.

Types of batteries were discussed. Mike prefers the duel cycle (starting and deep cycle) batteries on the market. Flooded batteries are preferred over gel type based on gel batteries being heavier and more costly. As Mike indicated, if you boat has a knockdown, batteries are just one of the problems that you have and more than likely, not the most significant problem. Good point.

Chargers present two problems to the boat owner, one is overcharging and the other is over usage. A charger may be supplying a Ďsurface chargeí that equates to volts and not amperage; therefore, your engine may not start. Also, a good charger will have a switch to accommodate gas, gel or flooded type batteries. Mike indicted that some switches are internal and that can be a drawback.

Some doís and doníts Mike passed along. Do shut off the 110-volt system before starting your boatís engine. Do keep batteries charged within the 13.6 Ė 14.2 range. Do remove batteries from the boat if possible. Do not let batteries freeze. This will occur when the charge is not sufficient and the temperature is below freezing. Do not remove LCD instruments. Often, the connectors are damaged and the displays are made to withstand the extreme temperatures. Do not ever use household wiring on a boat, only marine grade wire is acceptable. Marine wiring prevents voltage drops. If you have any questions, Mike indicated to give him a call to talk it over. That may be the best advice of all.

Mike Taylor, Taylor Marine, can be reached at 330-225-3332.

All Those In Favor, Say "Yea" Ė All Those Opposed, Say "Nay"

Passed by the members in attendance at the December 3rd meeting.

LECOA Research & Design Team Update

As most of you are aware, the associationís research & design (R&D) team has been working around the clock on the burgee issue. Although the burgee will continue to take precedence for the R&D team, a new project has been provided to the team.

The need for LECOA letterhead was proposed and agreed upon by all members in attendance at the annual meeting. LECOA letterhead is necessary to convey thank you letters and other official correspondence originating from the Bridge. Commodore Alan Wolf, who also heads up the R&D team, will solicit the assistance of Howard Hoehn (a.k.a., father of the LECOA burgee) to design the letterhead.


42nd Annual Cleveland Mid-America Sail & Power Boat Show

This years boat show is scheduled to run from Friday, January 15th through Sunday, January 24th at the IX Center. Freeman-Eckley will provide us with space to set-up a LECOA display. A sign-up sheet was passed around at the meeting and a few members signed on to work at the display. However, there are plenty of show hours that still need representation by members. Members who sign up to work the show will be admitted into the show for free. So, if you have two hours to foster the growth of the association and are planning to attend the show anyway, please contact Dennis Schurdell for time availability. The show is a terrific way to interact with fellow Catalina owners.

In addition, to add a bit of eye catching appeal to the display, although I thought our display at last years show was very good thanks to Dennis and Ellie Schurdell, members at the annual meeting agreed that oversized LECOA burgees on staffs would be a nice touch. Jody Wolf will work with the burgee manufacture to see what can be done.


The Back Burner

Just ideas from members that we need to keep on the back burner and address at upcoming meetings.

Members Corner

Selling your boat or some gear, looking for a boat, going on a long cruise and would like to know if anyone else has already cruised those waters, or anything else you may want to convey to the other members, this is your section. If you would like to place something into the newsletter, please contact the editor.

Catalina 30 For Sail

LECOA members Bob and Jeannie Brandt are selling their 1978 Catalina 30, Fresh Aire. The boat is located at Sandusky Harbor. If you are interested, please contact either Bob or Jeannie. If you are interested in why Fresh Aire is for sail, Bob and Jeannie are looking to move up to a Catalina 36.

Circumnavigation of Lake Erie

Nick Valentine informed me that he and his first mate, Linda, will be embarking on a two-week trip next summer. They plan on crossing the pond and sailing up to Erie, PA in their C-30. Current plans call for a clockwise circumnavigation course. In preparation, Nick will be installing an autohelm to make it easier. If any members have some advice on either the autohelm or the trip itself, please drop Nick a line



$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Money, money, money, what do we do with the treasury? If it seemed that members had a hard time deciding on what to spend money on during the first 18 months of the association, they sure did not have a problem authorizing funds at the annual meeting. So, without further ado, and in no specific order, the authorization to dispense funds from the LECOA treasury are as follows.

  1. Nametags will be purchased and available at all future meetings. Those often heard terms of "that guy" and "her over there" will be a thing of the past.
  2. We will have oversized burgees made for the boat show.
  3. The association will underwrite rendezvous dockage down payments. Those members securing a dock at a rendezvous will be required to reimburse the association.
  4. The association will pick up the cost of dinner for our speaker and their guest.
  5. With the approval of a Bridge member, a speakerís fee can be authorized. However, any speaker that represents a product or business will not be offered any compensation directly.
  6. Speakerís that are representing a product or business may have funds authorized by the association donated in their name to a charity of their choice. The amount and concurrence of the charity chosen will be put before the members in attendance for vote.




Sandusky, Ohio

Leamington, Ontario

Huron, Ohio


Members at the annual meeting agreed to three rendezvous for 1999. Rendezvous are scheduled for Sandusky Harbor Marina, Sandusky, OH on June 12th; Leamington, Ontario on July 10th; and Huron Boat Basin, Huron, OH on August 21st. Information on each rendezvous follows.

Sandusky Harbor Marine Saturday, June 12th

Sandusky, OH

The first rendezvous will be held at Sandusky Harbor Marina, Sandusky, OH. Our host is our associationís new Secretary, Rosie Daniels. The date for the Sandusky Harbor Marina rendezvous is Saturday, June 12th. Now for those members who dock in one of the many marinas on Sandusky Bay, this may be the shortest cruise on record, but it will be a great way to start off the summer. Sandusky Harbor Marina is a full service marina and has a nice pavilion and a wonderful pool. What a great way to kick off to our summer sailing season. Rosie will have more details at the next meeting.

Leamington Marina Saturday, July 10th

Leamington, Ontario

Leamington is always a popular destination for those boaters on the western basin of Lake Erie. Vice-Commodore Bob Brandt will reserve 10 docks for Saturday, July 10th. If you are interested in attending the rendezvous in Leamington, contact Bob and reserve one of the docks. Those members who reserve a dock will required to reimburse the association for the minimal down payment that is required by Leamington. This is a great opportunity to take in a foreign port with other members.

Huron Boat Basin Saturday, August 21st

Huron, Ohio

Our third and final rendezvous will be held at the Huron Boat Basin on Saturday, August 21st. Huron is a great destination for so many of our members. Huron lies halfway between Sandusky Bay and Vermilion, OH. The city owned marina offers up to six hours of dockage with utilities for just five dollars for those that are looking for a place to spend just an afternoon. Plus, the marina is pet friendly for those of us that have four-legged crew aboard. Ellie Schurdell will have more information on the rendezvous at the next meeting.

Three Great Rendezvous Ė Hope You Can Attend One, Two, or all Three!



A note of thanks to Freeman-Eckley for providing door prizes at this and the last meeting. A beverage holder was provided to all members attending the annual meeting. One can never have enough

beverage holders. More importantly, Freeman-Eckley has done a great job of supporting

the LECOA and it is appreciated. The partnership between the association and

our local Catalina dealer is truly a good one. Thanks again to Terry

Freeman, Brian Eckley, Greg Scheiferstein, and Alan Parell.

Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

42nd Annual Cleveland

Mid-America Sail & Power Boat Show

What happens when a group of Catalina owners get together - they have FUN! That was the idea behind forming the Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association (LECOA). On June 24, 1997 an enthusiastic group of Catalina owners met and by the end of the evening the LECOA was formed with officers elected, dues approved, committees formed and activities planned.

Since that initial meeting, rendezvous have been held in Cleveland, Leamington, Lorain, and Vermilion. Meetings have been held in Berea, Cleveland, and the Flats. Guest speakers have addressed such timely issues as electronics, sails and sail care, weather, and winterizing. In addition, Freeman-Eckley, the local Catalina dealer, has offered the LECOA space at the Cedar Point and Cleveland boat shows allowing members to meet other Catalina owners as well a means to foster the growth of the association.

1999 should be another great year with rendezvous scheduled for Sandusky Harbor Marina, Sandusky, OH on June 12th, Leamington, Ontario on July 10th, and Huron Boat Basin, Huron, OH on August 21st. Also, meetings will be held in February and tentatively in April, July, and October. Our annual meeting in December will conclude the associationís activities for the year and set the stage for the millennium.

Current membership stands at sixty boats with a captain and crew count over one hundred strong. For more information, contact one of the LECOA Bridge members or better yet, come to our next meeting and meet fellow Catalina owners.

The LECOA - Be a part of it in 1999!


What the LECOA Members are Sailing

C-42 2 boats C-30 29 boats

C-380 1 boat C-27 9 boats

C-36 7 boats C-250 1 boat

C-34 2 boats C-25 2 boats

C-320 3 boats C-22 3 boats



LECOA Ė Where We Dock Our Boats

Ashtabula Lorain

Catawba Marblehead

Cleveland Port Clinton

Fairport Harbor Sandusky

Geneva Vermilion

Huron Erie, PA


Next Meeting - Saturday, February 6th at the Flat Iron Café in the Flats. Meeting at 4 p.m.

with dinner to follow. Guest speakers will address sails, to include genakers, and spring commissioning, to include bottom paints and preparation. Hope to see you there!


LECOA Bridge for 1999

Commodore Alan Wolf (216) 350-0788 Secretary Rosie Daniels (330) 467-2970

Vice Commodore Bob Brandt (440) 236-8401 Treasurer Ken Marshall (440) 526-4289


Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

1999 Membership Application

Membership dues are $ 15.00 and expire December 31, 1999


Memberís Name:

Memberís Name:

Crew / Family Members:

Home Phone:

Memberís Business Phone:

Memberís Business Phone:

Memberís E-Mail Address:

Address (street):

(city, state, zip code):

Catalina (model): Model Year: 19

Boat Name:

Yacht Clubs(s):



Dock Number: LECOA Member Since (year):

Please make check/money order payable to:


LECOA: Ken Marshall, Treasurer

Please mail application and dues to:


Rosie Daniels

1468 Bonnie

Macedonia, OH 44056