Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

Newsletter Number V WEB SITE EDITION March 1998

Editor: George xxxxxxx If you would like more information on the LECOA,

please contact me at 216.291.7205 (business hours)


Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 30th at The Spaghetti Warehouse. Dinner will begin at 6:00 p.m. with the meeting to follow. The Spaghetti Warehouse is located at 1231 Main Avenue in the Flats. If you need directions, contact The Spaghetti Warehouse at 621-9420.


Dues are Due

For those members who have not paid their dues for 1998, please do so now. A renewal application can be found later in the newsletter. Members who do not renew there membership after this notification will be removed from the membership roster and will not receive any future mailings or be welcomed to participate in LECOA activities. For those that have renewed their membership, the Bridge thanks you for your continued support in the LECOA.


Last Meeting

The last meeting of the LECOA was held at the Forest City Yacht Club. The meeting was held on Thursday, February 12, 1998. We had 29 members in attendance. A big thanks goes out to Howard & Louise xxxxx or making it possible for us to hold our meeting at FCYC, not to mention the beverages and snacks furnished after the meeting - delicious. The meeting’s focus was on the LECOA Constitution and By-Laws and possible rendezvous for the upcoming year. More on each elsewhere in the newsletter.


LECOA Bridge

Co-Commodore’s Secretary

Hugh xxxx 216-xxx-xxxx Nick xxxxxxxxx 330-xxx-xxxx

Alan xxxx 216-xxx-xxxx Treasurer

Peg xxxxxxxxx 419-xxx-xxxx

Bridge members will remain in office through the Annual Meeting of the Association.




The better part of the last meeting was spent discussing the LECOA’s draft Constitution and By-Laws. Based on an edited version of the Edgewater Yacht Club’s Constitution and By-Laws, members in attendance provided suggestions and wording changes. The efforts of the By-Laws’ Committee and the input of the members can be found attached to the newsletter.

A final vote will be taken at the next meeting to approve the Constitution and the By-Laws as they appear on the attached. If you can not make it to the next meeting and would like to have your comments read before the vote, please contact one of the By-Laws’ Committee members.

The committee consists of the following members:

Bob & Jeannie xxxxxx John & Colleen xxxxxx

Jim & Rosie xxxxxx Alan & Jody xxxx

George xxxxxxx


Members Corner

A new feature of the newsletter will be the Members Corner. This is where you, the members of the LECOA, get to put in anything you want into the newsletter. Some examples would be listing your boat for sale, selling equipment, or going on a rendezvous and inquiring if any other members would like to cruise or crew along. It’s up to you what you want to put in.


Catalina 27 - Looking to Buy

J. P. Holt, Jr. is looking to buy a C-27 with diesel or outboard. Contact Mr. Holt at


Possible Rendezvous

Vacation approval pending, Karen and George xxxxxxx are planning on sailing to Lemington, Ontario on July 5 for three nights. Lemington Marina is offering three nights and a pump out any Sunday through Thursday for $100 CAN. Not a bad deal with the current exchange rate. If you are interested in joining the xxxxxxx’x, please contact them at 440-xxx-xxxx (home).


Get the idea! If you have anything you want in the newsletter, drop me a line at (216) xxx-xxxx.


Charter Members

Well, as we were reviewing the proposed by-laws, the issue of Charter Members came up. So LECOA Secretary Nick Valentine did some research and compiled a listing of individuals who attended the inaugural meeting of the LECOA and joined on. So, without further ado, the Charter Members of the LECOA are as follows.

Hugh and Kathryn xxxx Chuck and Paula xxxxxx

James and Paula xxxxx John and Colleen xxxxxx

Lee and Peg xxxxxxxxx Tim and Joan xxxxxxx

Jerry and Pat xxxxxxxxxx Don and Sandra xxxxxxx

Joe and Sandy xxxx Robert and Betty xxxxxxxx

Walter xxxxxxxx and Gloria xxxxxxx Roy and Mickey xxxxxxxx

Howard and Louise xxxxx Dennis and Ellie xxxxxxxxx

Wayne and Sherrie xxxxxxxxx Dennis and Bobbie xxxxxxxxx

Dave and Jean xxxxxxxxx Nick and Linda xxxxxxxxx

George and Karen xxxxxxx Alan and Jody xxxx

Tom and Merri xxxxxxx

If we forgot someone, let Nick know and he will research it. By the way, current membership of the LECOA stands at 61.


What are the LECOA members sailing?

C-22 3 boats C-32 2 boats

C-25 3 boats C-34 1 boats

C-27 9 boats C-36 8 boats

C-28 1 boats C-38 2 boats

C-30 21 boats B321 1 boat


According to the Catalina Yachts List (you can sign up by e-mailing the best sailing movie is "WIND" with "DEAD CALM" coming in second.



Rendezvous Time

Now comes the time to think about the summer rendezvous. The LECOA has reserved 10 docks in Lemington, Ontario for Saturday night, July 11. If you are interested, please contact Bob xxxxxx at 800-xxx-xxxx ext. xxxx (work) or 330-xxx-xxxx (home). Cost for dockage is $1.50 CAN per foot. Since Bob has to confirm the exact number of docks to reserve with the Lemington Marina, please confirm if you plan to go on this rendezvous before the next meeting. Lemington is a very popular destination each and every summer weekend and the LECOA thanks Bob for reserving dockage during the height of the summer boating season at the boat show.

Two other possible rendezvous were discussed. One to be held at the Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland during Race Week (plenty of dockage available since many EYC members participate during the race according to EYC and LECOA member Ken xxxxxxxx). Race week is scheduled for August 1 and 2. Please let Ken know if you are interested in this rendezvous. Ken can be reached at 440-xxx-xxxx (work) or 440-xxx-xxxx (home). As with the Lemington rendezvous, a boat count is necessary at this time. If there is enough interest, Ken will make the necessary arrangements with his club. Much appreciated Ken!

And last but not least, I think that due to the overwhelming success of the first rendezvous held last year in Vermillion, a number of members have requested that we have another one in Vermillion this year. The possibility of hosting a Vermillion rendezvous will be discussed at the next meeting.

Again, please contact Bob if you are interested in the Lemington rendezvous or Ken if interested in the EYC rendezvous. A boat count is essential. Also, if you can not make it to the next meeting and are interested in participating in a Vermillion rendezvous, you can also contact Bob to get your date availability and destination preference (by land or by lake).

LECOA Meetings Are Fun, But Rendezvous Are GREAT Fun!


Burgee Update

Those of you who attended the Cleveland Boat Show in January and visited the LECOA booth no doubt noticed the burgees that Alan xxxx, Co-Commodore, had made. The burgee on display was the final design prepared by LECOA member Howard Hoehn after input from the members.

Alan is having 20 burgees made and they should be available at the next meeting. In case you forgot, the price agreed upon by the membership was twenty dollars, so please have that amount for Alan if you requested a burgee. Additional burgees will be made based on membership demand. Great job by Alan and Howard, the burgee really is a standout.


Remember, The Next Meeting Is April 30th At The Spaghetti Warehouse In The Flats


LECOA - Where We Live

1 Austintown, OH 1 Doylestown, OH 1 Sandusky, OH

2 Berea, OH 1 Hudson, OH 2 Stow, OH

1 Broadview Heights, OH 1 Lucas, OH 4 Strongsville, OH

1 Brookfield, OH 1 Mansfield, OH 1 Twinsburg, OH

1 Canton, OH 1 Marion, OH 2 Vermillion, OH

1 Chesterland, OH 4 Medina, OH 1 Wadsworth, OH

1 Cincinnati, OH 1 Middleburg Heights, OH 6 Westlake, OH

1 Cleveland, OH 1 North Canton, OH 1 Baden, PA

1 Clyde, OH 1 Norwalk, OH 1 Ellwood City, PA

2 Columbia Station, OH 1 Painesville, OH 1 Greenville, PA

2 Columbus, OH 1 Rocky River, OH 1 North East, PA


LECOA - Where We Dock Our Boats

1 Ashtabula, OH 2 Geneva, OH 1 Port Clinton, OH

2 Catawba, OH 1 Huron, OH 18 Sandusky, OH

10 Cleveland 3 Lorain, OH 4 Vermillion, OH

1 Fairport Harbor, OH 5 Marblehead, OH 2 Erie, PA


Weather Wise

We have all heard the one about "Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning." But, here are some other weather wise facts….

The wind changes its direction by either veering or backing. A wind that veers is changing its direction to your right as you face it. This is a sign of the clockwise wind common to high-pressure areas in the northern hemisphere, bringing fair or improving weather. A wind that backs changes its direction to your left as you face it. This is a counterclockwise wind from an area of low pressure, which brings a promise of stormy weather. "A veering wind will clear the sky; a backing wind says storms are high."

Bird watching can tell you a lot about the weather. It is easier for small land birds like swallows to fly in cool, clear, dense air, so they fly higher. It is harder for them to fly in warm, humid air, so they fly lower. Low-flying birds often foretell rain.

Dew or frost in the morning indicates a fair day, while a dry morning is a sign of rain. This is because the heat absorbed by an object during the previous day can only be released as dew or frost when the night and early morning are calm, clear, and cool.

Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

1998 Membership Application

IMPORTANT: Failure To Renew Now Will Remove You From All Future Mailings And LECOA Activities

Member’s Name: _________________________________________________________________

First Mate: _________________________________________________________________

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Member’s Business Phone: ______________________________

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Boat Type: 19 ____ Catalina: _______________

Boat Name: _______________________________________________________________

Yacht Clubs(s): __________________________________________________________________

Marina: ______________________________________________________________

Location: __________________________________________________

Dock Number: ______________

Dues are $ 15.00 and expires December 31, 1998


________________________________ Please make check/money order payable to:


LECOA: Peg Bergstrom, Treasurer

________________________________ Please mail application and dues to :


Nick Valentine

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