Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

Newsletter Number VI June 1998

Editor: George Lippert Web Site Edition


Meeting Roundup

Our last meeting was held on Thursday, April 30th at The Spaghetti Warehouse located in the Flats. We had 35 members in attendance. The meeting was chaired by Co-Commodore Alan Wolf. The meetingís focus was on finalizing the by-lawís and discussing the upcoming rendezvous.

The by-lawís as distributed with the March newsletter were approved with only minor modifications. A big thank you goes out to Ken Marshall who was instrumental in getting the by-lawís completed; his efforts are very much appreciated. The by-lawís, as amended, can be found on the LECOA web site that can be accessed at Nick Valentine, LECOA Secretary, has done a great job at setting up the web site and it is outstanding.

Peg Bergstrom, LECOA Treasurer, and her husband Lee, were in attendance. Peg has been land locked for the past year and we can only hope that 1998 gets her out on the water. Peg distributed a treasurerís report; copy attached for those who were unable to attend. It was good to see both Peg and Lee again.

The rendezvous and other issues discussed, such as reestablishing C-30 Fleet #4, membership dues, burgees, and the next meeting, are detailed separately within the newsletter.

With that, we all paid what we thought we owed on our tabs (you had to be there to understand) and called it a night. A good meeting, a good turnout, but lets go sailing!!!!!


Dues were Due

The last newsletter included a final notice for dues to be collected for past members. Two past members came to the meeting and signed up; Lee and Peg Bergstrom and Ernie and Eileen Haupt. Also, two members indicated that their checks were cashed but their names did not appear on the membership roster; they are Phillip and Charlotte Schumacher and Tim and Joan Murdock. I have notified the LECOA Secretary and all will be added. For those individuals who sent in multiple checks on the belief that their original check may have been lost in the mail, the LECOA Secretary will be returning all duplicate checks received. For the record, we had 53 renewals and 11 who did not renew.

Attached is a copy of the 1998 LECOA Membership Roster. Also, please note that the last page of this newsletter is a 1998 LECOA Membership Application. If you talk to a Catalina owner at your marina who is not a member of the LECOA, please talk up the LECOA and pass along a copy of the newsletter.

Lets Keep The LECOA Growing


LECOA Bridge

Co-Commodoreís Secretary

Hugh Arey 440-234-2227 Nick Valentine 330-336-5803

Alan Wolf 216-350-0788 Treasurer

Peg Bergstrom xxx-xxx-xxxx

Bridge members will remain in office through the Annual Meeting of the Association.


C-30 Fleet #4

Discussed at the last meeting was whether or not there was any interest in reestablishing the C-30 Fleet #4. The reason why the C-30 was chosen was based on sheer numbers, we have more C-30ís than any other size of Catalina represented within the LECOA. According to Max Munger, IC30A President, the benefits for reestablishing the fleet include: (i) space would be set aside within the C-30 section of Mainsheet (the Catalina owners magazine) for Fleet #4 input each issue, (ii) the C-30 will list Fleet #4 officers every issue, (iii) the C-30 will publicize fleet activities, (iv) the fleet captain becomes a member of the board of directors of the IC30A and can vote on IC30A issues (individual members do not have a vote in the IC30A), and (v) fleets can sponsor/host regattas.

To reestablish Fleet #4, at least three C-30ís need to commit. If you are interested, please contact Nick Valentine, LECOA Secretary, at 330-336-5803, or address).

If there are any other LECOA members that would be interesting in forming fleet status, please let Nick know and he will contact the appropriate association president once a minimum of three members with the same size of Catalina expresses interest.


LECOA Burgee

The burgee design and make-up are complete and Co-Commodore Alan Wolf is in the process of having them made. The cost is $20.00 and postage to mail them out will be picked up by the LECOA. If you have not paid for a burgee that you ordered, please send your money to Alan at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, OH 44077.

Those that have requested a burgee at the last meeting were: Ernie and Eileen Haupt, Howard and Louise Hoehn, Bill and Marie Libby, George & Karen Lippert, Jim and Andi Lutz, Ken and Carole Marshall, Ron and Merri McNeeley, Henry Rengh, and Dennis and Ellie Schurdell.

If you would like a burgee and have not ordered one to date, please contact Alan and place your order.

They look great and thanks to Alan and Howard Hoehn who really took the lead in making the burgee a reality and a real standout. Job well done!


Members Corner

A new feature of the newsletter is the Members Corner. This is where you, the members of the LECOA, get to put in anything you want into the newsletter. If you have anything that you would like to place into the newsletter, please contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx (work) or (e-mail address).

Attention Catalina 27 Owners

At the Annual Forest City Yacht Club "Princess Pat" Regatta we hope to have a One Design JAM Race for the Catalina 27ís. We have 3-4 already and only need a minimum of 2 more to make up the fleet. Please mark your calendar for Saturday, July 18th, and plan to attend this casual, fun, one day regatta.

For details, contact LECOA member Howard Hoehn at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Leamington Rendezvous

Karen and George Lippert reserved one of the 12 docks that were reserved for the Leamington Rendezvous on Saturday, July 11. Unfortunately, George has to go out of town the next day and will not be able to make the trip. So, if you are interested in sailing to Leamington, please contact George Lippert at xxx-xxx-xxxx (work) or (e-mail address) and the dock reservation is yours.


LECOA Meetings Are Fun, But Rendezvous Are GREAT Fun!


Rendezvous - Leamington, Ontario

Through the efforts of LECOA member Bob Brandt, 12 docks were reserved for Saturday, July 11th. Of the 12 docks reserved, 11 have been spoken for by LECOA members. If you are interested in sailing over to Leamington, please contact Bob at 800-xxx-xxxx, ext. xxxx (work) or xxx-xxx-xxxx (home). Cost for dockage is $1.50 CAN per foot. Please see the Memberís Corner for an additional dock that is available at Leamington for the rendezvous. The LECOA thanks Bob for reserving dockage during the height of the summer boating season at the Mid-American Boat Show back in January. Bob had to place down a $15.00 per dock deposit at the boat show, so if you reserved one of the docks for the rendezvous, please insure that you reimburse Bob for the $15.00. Payments can be mailed to Bob at 12036 East River Road, Columbia Station, OH 44028. On behalf of Bob, thanks!


Rendezvous - Vermillion, OH

Last year the LECOA held its first rendezvous in Vermillion. It was a great time with nine boats sailing to Vermillion and a far greater number of members land sailing to the city docks for a cook out. So mark Saturday, August 29th for this years event. Same format as last year with a pot luck cook out, weather permitting, starting at 6 p.m. If you are interested, please contact Ernie Haupt at xxx-xxx-xxxx (work) or xxx-xxx-xxxx (home) as soon as possible so dockage can be reserved. Trust me, this is one good time.




Rendezvous - Edgewater Yacht Club, Cleveland, OH

Ken Marshal has the Edgewater Yacht Club pavilion reserved for Saturday, August 1st. We are planning to have a pot luck cook out starting at 6 p.m. If you are planing to sail to EYC, you must contact Ken no later than July 20th to reserve a dock. Ken indicated that dockage for Friday night appears to be also available, so please call him if you want to make this an extended port of call. To reserve dockage, please contact Ken by the deadline at xxx-xxx-xxxx (work) or xxx-xxx-xxxx (home). Those that plan to land sail are more than welcome to do so. When you arrive at the gate, please tell the attendant that you're a member of the Catalina group and Ken Marshall and Jerry Burkinshaw are the hosts. Considering the turnout that we have had at our meetings held in downtown Cleveland, I expect a good turnout for the EYC rendezvous. Plus, this rendezvous gives our Cleveland and Eastern Lake Erie members an opportunity to sail in.


Rendezvous and Event Recap

Saturday July 11th Rendezvous - Leamington, Ontario

Contact Bob Brandt at xxx-xxx-xxxx, ext. xxxx (work) or xxx-xxx-xxxx (home).

Saturday July 18th Regatta - One Design JAM Race for C-27ís - Forest City Yacht Club

Contact Howard Hoehn at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you are interested.

Saturday August 1st Rendezvous - Edgewater Yacht Club, Cleveland, OH

Contact Ken Marshall by July 20th at xxx-xxx-xxxx (work) or xxx-xxx-xxxx (home).

Saturday August 29th Rendezvous - Vermillion, OH

Contact Ernie Haupt at xxx-xxx-xxxx (work) or xxx-xxx-xxxx (home) as soon as possible.


I would like to extent my sincere thanks to Bob, Howard, Ken and Ernie for arranging the rendezvous and events. LECOA members are the LECOA and the association would not be as viable as it is without members taking time out of their schedules to set-up the social gatherings.


On The Web

Real Time Buoy Data (This Is A Must Hit To Check The Conditions On the Lake) (id 45005)

Boat US (Lots Of Good Stuff)


 Next LECOA Meeting?

As always, the last item discussed was when and where to have the next meeting. With the summer already upon us with the fantastic spring that we had, thoughts were more on the water than on having another meeting. The by-laws call for four meetings each year and this meeting marked our second of the year. Plus, with the three rendezvous scheduled over the summer, it seemed to many in attendance that there is ample opportunity to interface with your fellow LECOA members.

With that, those in attendance voted to have the next meeting on October 15th. With such good turnouts when meetings are held in a downtown Cleveland location, it was agreed that the next meeting will be held at the Flat Iron Café in the flats. In fact, it is just up (or down depending on your GPS reading) from The Spaghetti Warehouse. The format will be the same with dinner at 6 p.m. and the meeting starting at 7:30 p.m. Please mark you calendars now and hope to see you all there.

Oh, a topic or speaker you may be asking yourself. Well, it may have been the time of the night, or the fact that beverages consumed were taking there toll, but I have never heard such a lively discussion of speakers in my life. We had everyone from Frank Butler himself to Don Webster, a diesel mechanic to a rigger, and who knows who or what else for I could not keep up. So, I will be sending out a reminder in late September and if I receive any confirmation of who or what may be at the next meeting, I will pass that information along. Speaker or no speaker, we will all have plenty of sailing adventures to talk about, so the night will no doubt will be filled with tall tales, fun and friendship. Thatís the LECOA!


This and That


The continuous 24-hour weather reports from the National Weather Service on VHF-FM use the following phrases are used to categorize wind speeds:

Light and Variable Winds 5 mph or less, varying in direction.

Small Craft Advisory Wind not exceeding 38 mph and dangerous sea conditions.

Gale Warnings Winds from 39 to 54 mph.

Storm Warning Winds above 55 mph.

Hurricane Warning Winds over 75 mph.


Wind pressure, the amount of force in the wind, goes up dramatically for comparatively small increases in wind speed. And it is the wind pressure that caused waves and does damage. So when you think about the windís strength, it is the pressure it exerts - not its speed - that must be kept in mind.

Doubling the windís speed quadruples its strength. A 5 mph breeze pushes with 0.1 psf (pounds per square foot) of force. A wind of 20 mph has a force of 1.6 psf. From the original 5 mph breeze you have now increased speed by a factor of only 4, but the pressure has gone up by 16 times! This makes the water that much rougher and maneuvering that much harder.


May Each LECOA Member Have A Great And Safe Sailing Season And My Fair Winds Blow Your Way


Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

1998 Membership Application


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