Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

Newsletter Number X March 1999

Editor: George Lippert LECOA WEB SITE EDITION


LECOA Meeting Roundup – February 6, 1999

Over thirty members attended the meeting held on Saturday afternoon at the Flat Iron Café in the Flats. It was a sunny day with mild temperatures and thoughts of spring commissioning and a summer filled with sailing surely were on the minds of many members.

Commodore Alan Wolf introduced the Bridge then we went around the room for introductions. Two new members attended their first meeting – welcome aboard and trust you had an enjoyable time. One of those new members traveled all the way from the birthplace of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Oh, for those who do not know where that is, it is Wapakoneta, Ohio, which is located outside of Dayton.

After introductions all around, our guest speaker addressed the group for an hour on sails and specifically cruising spinnakers. Then it was time to order dinner, refresh one’s beverage, and get down to the association’s business. LECOA Treasurer Ken Marshall provided an update on the financial condition of the association, a copy of the treasury report can be found later in the newsletter. Other issues discussed, the next meeting, rendezvous, new business as well as old, can be found throughout the newsletter.

Good Meeting – Good Turnout – Good Time



LECOA Bridge for 1999

Commodore Alan Wolf Secretary Rosie Daniels

Vice Commodore Bob Brandt Treasurer Ken Marshall



Next Meeting

Saturday, April 17th at the Flat Iron Café in the Flats. Meeting to begin at 4 p.m. with dinner to follow. Guest speakers will be representatives from Interlux and New England ropes. Hope to see you there!



Guest Speaker: Richard Wilber, Sobstad Midwest

Richard Wilber, fresh from Strictly Sail in Chicago, talked about a variety of issues. First, he strong endorsed the Strictly Sail show in Chicago. This show is a pure blow boater show and Richard reported that Catalina had every model on display and factory representatives on hand. That surely can not be said about the Cleveland show or even the one held in Atlantic City. Editor note: Karen and I attended the Strictly Sail show several years ago and it really is sailing mecca.

What is a cruising spinnaker? Richard described it as a downwind, light air, big, colorful, sail. It is a spinnaker without the pole and known by those in the know as an asymmetrical cruising spinnaker. It attaches to the vessel in three points, the halyard, tack and sheet.

Okay, now that we now know what a cruising spinnaker is, when is it used? It is used when not beating into the wind (45 degrees apparent wind aft) with the wind blowing between 0-15 knots. The benefits of a cruising spinnaker become apparent when one considers what happens when analyzing downwind speed. Example, boat speed is 4 knots with the wind blowing at 10 knots – downwind that equates to 6 knots of wind. A great time to use a cruising spinnaker in lieu of a genoa, especially a roller furling genoa for they have a heavy luff and edge. A genoa will tend to droop and thus it is very difficult to achieve a proper shape. A cruising spinnaker has a much greater shape and is made of material that is substantially lighter than that of most all around genoa’s.

So, what do you need to get a cruising spinnaker? For one, you need cash or good credit to buy it. Then you need a second halyard to fly it. Richard was mum on the cost issue but be looking at about three boating units. For those of you that do not read the sailing rags, a boating unit is a predefined amount of currency that alleviates some of the apprehension when it comes to purchasing items associated with sailing. In this case, one boating unit equal five hundred dollars; therefore, three boating units will set you back fifteen hundred dollars. Now do you see why boating units are the preferred method of calculation? After the cash and halyard issue is addressed, the hardest part of purchasing a cruising spinnaker and Commodore Alan can attest to this, is selection of the colors.

For Lake Erie, Richard recommends a 3/4-ounce cloth and a radial cut. A tri-radial cut costs more, but has less stretch and is stronger. However, when all factors are taken into account, the additional cost of a tri-radial is not justified for the cruising sailing. Keep in mind that the sail will be used in wind conditions of 0-15 knots. Richard emphasized that cruising spinnaker are generally not used in conditions outside this range and should never be used when the winds exceed 20 knots.

So, you make the commitment and chose the colors and expend the necessary boat units. You opt for the ATN (specific brand name) sock so you can set and douse your new sail with relative ease. (P.S., A separate cost item). You go to your favorite boating store (West Marine, Boat U/S, etc.) and expend more boating units or fractions thereof for sheets (1˝ times boat length) and a second halyard if needed. (P.S., Richard indicated that they can not compete with the local chandlery for cordage.) Now what? Richard indicated that on a C-30 a cruising spinnaker should increase your downwind performance by approximately twenty percent (20%).

Of course, you want to have a photo op of your new, big, colorful, sail. What to do? According to Richard, take you boat out when the water is calm and the wind is but a whisper. Put the engine into reverse and fly the sail proudly, albeit the wrong way. Richard suggests checking the wake in the photos.

Great topic and Richard was very gracious in answering a number of questions before concluding.


Sail Knowledge from Richard Wilber, Sobstad Midwest

Richard finished his presentation with some sail knowledge that was generated during a round table discussion he participated in at Strictly Sail in Chicago. By far and away, the number one way to ruin sails is luffing. Luffing sails will deteriorate the fiber more than any other act one can do with sails. Keep sails covered when not in use; the sun does cause sail damage. Do not store sails wet, but it is better to store them wet then to have them luff attempting to dry them. Reef quick and often, boats are made to sail upright. Also, boats were not designed to sail directly downwind either. Wash sails at least every third year. Ivory dish soap cleans sails very well. A touch of bleach will kill mildew on sails if it is a problem. Mice love dacron, therefore, keep sails out of the garage and storage shed. Have a sail loft review and sew, if necessary, any tears or loose threads. Only use a dry lubricant on tracks; recommended McLube and stressed never use WD-40 or similar products. In this area, cruising sails should last 5-10 years. Thanks Richard. And thanks to Commodore Alan who arranged his appearance.


As voted upon and approved during the annual meeting, our speaker was asked if he would like to have a donation to a charity of his choice be made by the association in his name. Richard selected the Great Lakes Historical Society as his charity.

Those members in attendance approved a one hundred dollar ($100.00) donation in the name of Richard Wilber, Sobstad Midwest, be made to the Great Lakes Historical Society by the association.



LECOA Web Site -

LECOA member and former Secretary has updated the associations web site. If you have not accesses it in a while – give it a hit. What you will find on the web site are past newsletters, the 1999 LECOA Membership Application, the LECOA by-laws, and pictures from our members. As Nick puts it: Just what you need!!!!!!!!!! Last time I gave it a hit, I was visitor number 1100. Hay Nick, do I get anything from being the eleventh hundred visitor?


Is This Your Last Newsletter?

It could be if you have not renewed your membership for 1999. Those members who are not in good standing, that is, have not come up with the cash, will not be in the 1999 Membership Roster and will not receive future correspondence from the association, nor will be allowed to participate in any the association’s activities.

The association set dues for the 1999 year at $15.00. A 1999 Membership Application can be found on the last page of the newsletter. If you have renewed thanks for your continuing support of the LECOA. If you have not, please do so quickly. If you do not plan to renew, your participation will be missed.




Proposed By-Law Change

A potential member inquired as to whether or not an owner of a Capri could join the LECOA. A lively discussion took place during the last meeting on the issue. Some members were for and some against allowing Capri owners join the association. Also, since Capri’s are being considered, then consideration should be afforded to the Morgan line of vessels. Our favorite yacht builder, Catalina Yachts, manufactures both the Capri and Morgan.

As with all by-law changes, they are not voted upon when first brought before the association at a meeting. Rather, the changes are open to discussion, placed into the newsletter, then reopened for discussion at the next scheduled meeting then voted upon by the members in attendance.

If you are unable to make it to the next meeting, then please contact one of the Bridge members with your view, either for or against allowing Capri and Morgan owners join the LECOA.


LECOA Research & Design Team

Although that pesky little problem with the burgee design and manufacturing is still being addressed, the R&D team did take time out to work on a letterhead for the association. Special thanks to Howard Hoehn who designed several proposed versions of the LECOA letterhead. The versions were passed around during the last meeting and each member in attendance voted on the one he or she thought best represented the association.

Now Commodore Alan, how is the burgee replacement program coming along?


42nd Annual Cleveland Mid-America Sail & Power Boat Show

The association would like to thank those members who worked (that is a stretch) the boat show. As of the last Saturday of the show, no less than 200 association flyers were picked up by potential members. LECOA Secretary Rosie Daniels indicated that nine new members signed up based on the information available at the boat show. As in the past, a special thanks to LECOA member Dennis Schurdell for heading up the arrangements for the boat show.


C-30 and the Mainsheet

Those members who receive the Catalina magazine Mainsheet may have noticed that the C-30 fleet is "now forming" and none other than LECOA member Nick Valentine is listed as the point of contact.

The association has more C-30’s than any other model of Catalina represented. If you are interested in the reviving the C-30 fleet, give Nick a call or contact him by e-mail (






Sandusky, Ohio

Leamington, Ontario

Huron, Ohio



Sandusky Harbor Marine Saturday, June 12th

Sandusky, OH

Come by land or by sea – but plan to make it to the association’s kick-off rendezvous for 1999. The rendezvous will be held at Sandusky Harbor Marina, Sandusky, OH. Our host is LECOA Secretary Rosie Daniels. Rosie indicated that larger docks at Sandusky Harbor are at a premium, therefore, only 30-foot docks can be guaranteed. Boats to 32 feet can be accommodated, but no larger please.

Sandusky Harbor has a very nice pool and we will have use of the pavilion. So come rain or shine, a pot luck dinner will begin at 6:00 p.m.

As with all the rendezvous for this year, you must register. Registration forms can be found later in the newsletter. Members who plan to come by land, you must also register for the outing. This will assist members in gaining access into the marina.



Leamington Marina Saturday, July 10th

Leamington, Ontario

Millionaire’s Night – July 9-11. This weekend theme is brand new! We will transform the picnic shelter into a gambling casino just for you! Blackjack, poker, craps, roulette…it will all be here for your gaming pleasure. If you are interested, join fellow LECOA members for what will no doubt be a memorable weekend. Vice-Commodore Bob Brandt has reserved 10 docks and indicated that dockage is available Friday night. Space is limited and Leamington is a very popular destination for those of us that sail the western basin of Lake Erie. What a great way to take in a foreign port with other members and maybe win a bit of that ‘funny’ money (as in Canadian not monopoly).



Huron Boat Basin Saturday, August 21st

Huron, Ohio

Okay, our first rendezvous was a social, the second a gambler’s dream. How about a night dancing under the stars? Well, the Huron Basin Amphitheater will have New Decade performing 80’s and 90’s Rock-n-Roll. Huron is a great destination and lies halfway between Sandusky Bay and Vermilion, OH. Also, it is four-legged friendly for those of us that travel with man’s best friend. Ellie Schurdell has reserved 12 docks. What a great way to end the sailing season.




Billable Ours – Riff-Raff – Nighthawk – Velella - Shagbark –9th Endeavour Gusti – Esperanza – Hotspur – Chapter Six – Special K – Velroc – Finnirish

These are just some of the boat names that were taken from the 1998 membership roster. Is there an interesting story about how your boat name was chosen? If so, I would like to hear about it. Please send me or e-mail your story and I will place it into an upcoming newsletter. My e-mail address is – George Lippert, Editor.


Members Corner

Selling your boat or some gear, looking for a boat, going on a long cruise and would like to know if anyone else has already cruised those waters, or anything else you may want to convey to the other members, this is your section. If you would like to place something into the newsletter, please contact George Lippert at 216-291-7205 (work) or (e-mail address).

Sail for Sale?

LECOA member Dick Weidokal is looking for a 135 percent self-furling genoa with 7/32-luff tape for his 1976 Catalina 30 tall rig. If you upgraded your genoa and have your old one just collecting dusk, or you are thinking of buying a new genoa, work out a deal with Dick to help him and yourself. Dick can be reached at 440-899-6828.

Catalina 30 For Sail

LECOA members Bob and Jeannie Brandt are selling their 1978 Catalina 30, Fresh Aire. The boat is located at Sandusky Harbor. If you are interested, please contact either Bob or Jeannie. If you are interested in why Fresh Aire is for sail, Bob and Jeannie are looking to move up to a Catalina 36.

Circumnavigation of Lake Erie

Nick Valentine informed me that he and his first mate, Linda, will be embarking on a two-week trip next summer. They plan on crossing the pond and sailing up to Erie, PA in their C-30. Current plans call for a clockwise circumnavigation course. In preparation, Nick will be installing an autohelm to make it easier. If any members have some advice on either the autohelm or the trip itself, please drop Nick a line or e-mail him (


If you plan to attend one of the rendezvous, you must complete the appropriate registration form and mail to the LECOA member organizing the rendezvous. Dockage is on first come – first serve basis.



Good Old Boat

A relatively new publication and one that caters to keeping your old boat in good shape is available by subscription only at this time. I have been furnished a subscription and Good Old Boat is a welcome departure from the usual sailing publications. Advertising is at a minimum for the focus is on boats and caring for one’s boat. The articles are in-depth, informative, and how-to. The publication features: features about fellow sailors, maintenance and upgrade resources, and technical information for sailors.

The publication also has a unique format. Every other month, a very nice glossy publication is issued with nice photography. On the alternating months, a newsletter is issued. This is a less formal publication; yet it contains lessons learned articles, the mailbag, rendezvous information, etc. It also contains point of contacts for organizations. The LECOA will be included in the next update. Great exposure for the association and the cost is right, free!

I brought the publications and newsletters I have received to the last meeting so other members could see what is being offered. Hope you had a chance to look them over.

If you would like to subscribe to Good Old Boat, contact Karen Larson by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail. The subscription rate is $39.95/year. Not sure, then request a free copy!

Good Old Boat phone: 612-420-8923

7340 Niagara Lane North fax: 612-420-8921 (fax)

Maple Grove, MN 55311-2655 web:


P.S. Check out Good Old Boat’s web site. Very good and information.


LECOA Treasury Report February 6, 1999


Balance: Expenses:

As of 01-01-99 $974.54 Bank Charges – 01-31-99

Monthly fee $ 9.00


Burgees – 01-17-99

Dues – 01-23-99 $375.00 Large display $100.00

Dues – 02-06-99 $165.00

$540.00 Donations – 01-17-99

Shrine Children’s Hospital $100.00

Postage – 01-05-99 $ 40.00


Printing – 01-05-99 $ 63.83



Balance as of 02-06-99 = $1,201.71

Submitted by: Ken Marshall, LECOA Treasurer

Rendezvous Registration Form


Sandusky Harbor Marine, Sandusky, Ohio Saturday, June 12th

Member’s Name: Total Attending:

Crew / Family Members:

Address (street, city, state, zip code):

Phone: ( work / home ) Catalina (model): Length (feet):

Marina (name and location):


Mail Registration Form To: Rosie Daniels

1468 Bonnie Marina: Sandusky Harbor

Macedonia, Ohio 44056 Dock: B65


Leamington Marina, Ontario Saturday, July 10th

Member’s Name: Total Attending:

Crew / Family Members:

Address (street, city, state, zip code):

Phone: ( work / home ) Catalina (model): Length (feet):

Marina (name and location):

Mail Registration Form To: Bob Brandt

12036 East River Road

Columbia Station, Ohio 44028


Huron Boat Basin, Huron, Ohio Saturday, August 21st

Member’s Name: Total Attending:

Crew / Family Members:

Address (street, city, state, zip code):

Phone: ( work / home ) Catalina (model): Length (feet):

Marina (name and location):


Mail Registration Form To: Ellie Schurdell

255 Franklin Drive

Berea, OH 44017




Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association

1999 Membership Application

Membership dues are $ 15.00 and expire December 31, 1999


Member’s Name:

Member’s Name:

Crew / Family Members:

Home Phone:

Member’s Business Phone:

Member’s Business Phone:

Member’s E-Mail Address:

Address (street):

(city, state, zip code):

Catalina (model): Model Year: 19

Boat Name:

Yacht Clubs(s):



Dock Number: LECOA Member Since (year):

Please make check/money order payable to:


LECOA: Ken Marshall, Treasurer

Please mail application and dues to:


Rosie Daniels

1468 Bonnie

Macedonia, OH 44056